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MyBanker is a highly-unique, personalized banking product that pairs you with a dedicated, around-the-clock, relationship manager who is your exclusive point of contact for all your financial service needs. MyBanker aims to deliver a personalized, concierge banking experience that saves you both time and money. It’s getting banking back to the way it used to be, and this level of service and attention is completely fee-free. 

Who can use MyBanker?
All Berkshire Bank customers are eligible; it’s not just for those at the private
banking level.

The ideal customer is the busy individual who has a range of financial needs, and would benefit from the service and flexibility MyBanker provides – one point of contact, availability at any time, personal meetings where and when it’s convenient for the customer.  

How does it work?
MyBanker relationships run the gamut of financial services – offering proactive financial planning guidance as well as offering a hand with courtesy requests, such as ensuring a check clears at a certain time, or visiting a customer’s home to help familiarize them with online banking.  

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